Monday, June 11, 2012

Too much of a good thing // The great couch-hunt

Today, (Just so y'all know, it's no longer "today")I ate lunch at the Quesedilla Factory. It was Five-dollar Friday. It was pretty good. I just made a normal taco-type quesadilla (it's kind of a subway deal where you build your order). Next time I'm making a PIZZA quesadilla.
And yes. It looked just like that ^^.

That smudgel of information is completely irrelevant to this post.
Mom and Dad are looking for a couch. They picked me up from school today on their way to go couch-shopping, so I got to tag along.
Why are we looking for a couch, you might ask?
Well, let me start at the beginning (you may regret asking that question soon).
It all started (as far back as I can remember, anyway) with the green striped couch that lasted too long.
[Darn, I thought for sure we had a picture of it for sure, but the earliest picutures archived on this computer are from 2007...which is not where the story begins]
We had that couch from as early as I can remember...which is around 1999...till somewhere around 2004. Then the couch-that-lasted-too-long needed to go. We had a little extra cash, and we went to get a new couch. So we did.
A nice, big one.
It looked nothing like this.
Consequently this new couch was also green, albeit a different shade.
It looked gigantic in our little house, and we decided it to take advantage of the 30-day-trial-thingy the couch store offered.
Then came the time of couchlessness. We were getting desperate...
All we had in the living room was a recliner and five-square miles of carpet...or so it seems when you're 11 and 4' 9.
Then, one afternoon, my extremely resourceful father called my mother and told her to come to a garage sale he had stopped at on the way home. And there, we found Ol' Blue.
See o'l blue in the background?
Just so ya know, that's not my Mom and Dad. It's my Aunt and Uncle.

See ol' blue? By the way, that little girl is 12 now...

 I don't know if you can see ol blue for the princesses...

First Christmas in the new house...with Ol' Blue.

Alright, I could go on and on and ON, but my point is, Ol blue was supposed to be a cheap, temporary replacement until Mom found the couch she really wanted. And Ol' blue stayed with us for 8 years.

And then, Mom and Dad found a nice one (GREEN AGAIN!) for a super-good deal, brought it home and realized it wasn't quite big enough for all seven of us.
So we sold it too, and that's why we were couch shoppin today after we got quessadillas, which brings me to the motive of this post.

The second place we went to was called Phyl's Furniture. Not to be confused with Recliner Land. I wonder if homeless people ever go there and just hang out, or take a nap. Not ALL the couches are comfy, but most of them are! And here and there is a SUPER comfy one. I would totally go there in between classes just to take a nap if I had a car!
Anyway, as soon as we walked in a lady came up to us and started asking us if there was anything she could help us with, and what kind of couch were we looking for etc. At this point I was thinking, Ok, so she's probably one of those greeter people. Some of those fancy places have those, right? Ya know, she's pretty well dressed for a greeter...
And then she says, " Well, my name is (blah blah blah) and I'm the manager, so if you have any questins feel free to ask! We're REALLY GLAD you stopped by!"
Dude! We got the manager for a greeter??? Wow. Business must be slow...
So we started looking around, sitting on couches and sofas, trying not to fall asleep, and then jerking awake when we saw the price.
This particular store had three floors, and after about 7 minutes (Yes, I timed it)( No I didn't, what  kind of weirdo do you think I am?!) we went up to the second floor. The manager-greeter-lady came up too and asked us how we were doing, did we have any questions yet, what kind of couch are you looking for, oh that's right, you're not sure. She kept talking, and I didn't really follow any of it, so I don't know what led to her leading us up to the third floor, where she started giving us a tour.
That lady would not. Quit. Following us. Although really, she was leading us. Cuz, what are you supposed to do? Ignore her and let her walk around her store by herself?
She gave us some more information, left us alone for five minutes ("So you can decide what you want to do") (Lady, we've been trying to decide for 8 years, five minutes just isn't gonna cut it).
And then she popped right back up. Eventually we made it back down to the first floor, and after a few more couch biographies, we managed to escape Stalker-Lady.

Ok, so I made it seem a little more dramatic than it really was, but not THAT much.
I learned an important lesson today. When I get a job, remember that there is such a thing as TOO MUCH customer service. And most importantly...
Dont stalk your customers.
So, because of the energetic, overly-knowledgeable (NO ONE should know that much about couced!!) manager-greeter lady, you got our complete couch auto-biography, and my lunch menu.
I promise I'll go back to talking about normal stuff soon.
I DO have a graduation to cover. (my graduation, in case you were in doubt)

Be Thankful, Sarah


Rebekah said...

I hate it when the workers follow you around in the store- you just can't think right!

Sarah said...

Yeah, I've never had that problem before, but it's pretty un-nerving. Congratulations, by the way!!

NOTW4LIFE said...

lol wow really!! I cannot say we had a couch long in my family... We always seemed to break it some how so they never lasted.... but as for the store clerks I know what you mean they really either want that commission or they think you all might grab a furniture and run!!! ha-ha love it!