Friday, July 20, 2012

Long lost relatives

That funny story I was gonna tell you about...

First I have to give you a bit of background:
My Grandma on my mom's side was one of 12 kids.
So my mom has a ton of Aunts and Uncles. And cousins.
Therefore, by reason of relation, so do I.
And the bulk of them are in Ohio, where they grew up.
I have never been to Ohio.
So I dont really know the majority of them.
Although they apparently know me, because they know my mom.
So I get birthday cards and Facebook requests from people I've never seen or heard of.
All the time.
The other day I got a letter addressed from Uncle Bubba and Aunt Bertha.
It was from Baltimore, Ohio, so I figured it was from someone in that mass of unknown relatives.
It was written on notebook paper.
Here's what it said:
We are happy to tell you we will be coming with all 7 of our children and 13 grandchildren to see you at your graduation. We can probably only stay for a couple months since our 2 St. Bernards we weill have are both expecting- maybe while we are there!! Wouldn't that be exciting?! I hope it's ok to stay in your room? Your mom said it was fine! Thanks so much...See you in June!
Love Stephen/Debra and family

Apparently my Mom's Uncle Steve is quite the joker!
Before I realized it was a joke, my first thought was
"Oh, no...they dont' know that my graduation is already over!"

Can't wait to meet 'em in real life!
Uncle Bubba and Aunt Bertha.....
Be Thankful, Sarah

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Abigail Brooks said...

That's soooo great! ����