Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Hazards of Owning a Cat, and Other Joys of Life

Well, if you read this post you know why I haven't been posting very much lately.
And you can now add to that list our local fair the week after I get back from the last camp.

Speaking of camp...
LAST week I enjoyed my last year at the camp in Idaho that I have gone to for the past 6 years.
And the Lord filled my cup to the brim.
It was a blast, as usual, and the preaching was amazing, as usual, but I dont think I've ever gotten something from EVERY SINGLE MESSAGE before.
The Lord showed me something I needed to get right EVERY SINGLE SERMON.
In fact, there was one sermon where I didn't feel led to go to the alter, but I went anyway because so many other teens were and I didn't want to be the only one left in my seat so I went forward anyway.
And the Lord dealt with me about my pride and how I care too much about what people think of me.

So, yep. It was a huge blessing!
I met some new friends and got to know others better, and I'm really gonna miss all those Idahoans. And a few Montanians.
Now I have a motivation to get a car and go visit them all!
Hmm, but I'll also need a job, so I can pay for the gas...and a good boss who will let me have the time off to go on my road trips...
Oh, boy. This is getting complicated.
 Well, I have a few more months of non-(or less so)complicated-ness.

I think I just made up a new word. And it's quite the mouthful.

In other news, I have an appointment with the orthodontist tomorrow. I'm getting invisalign (not braces!!!) and my trays are ready to begin the torturous  process.

Pray for me. And for my Dad's wallet.

Next on the list is my second senior camp where I will (hopefully) get to hang out fellowship with my kitchen buddy Grace! These camp facilities are a LITTLE more rustic than the ones in Idaho, and it's scheduled to rain, but I've already packed my long underwear, so we should be good to go.

Now I'm gonna try and turn this

back into this

Darn cat....

Be Thankful, Sarah

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Chasity S. said...

Girl, I haven't commented on your blog in a loooong time! I always want to but rarely do. This was a nice post. Good to know you got something from each message at camp! I love your idea of visiting here!! =) Have fun at the other camp you're going to! That's so sad about your sign being ripped to shreds! =( Thanks for sharing all this!