Thursday, July 5, 2012

today in list format

1. Slept in (had a late night, and so did most of the rest of America) till 8 am. (The sun was SHININ' !) (Our summer never really starts till the Fourth)
Pictures and Post coming...eventually. We still have to finish Pike's Place...

2. Roused sister (Leah) and asked her if she was up for a run (we've been jogging to get her ready for a 3 km race at the camp she'll be going to next week)( How many miles is 3 km??)

3. Checked email (nobody emailed me in the night)
4. Got dressed, ran out the door to catch up with Leah.
5. We ran all the way from Pleasant Hill road to the housing developement on Garret Loop (it's about a mile, maybe a little over.)

6. Leah got a second wind! (No fair! I've run till I thought I was gonna puke (and I looked like it, too) and I've never gotten a second wind!)( I just used a parantheses inside a parantheses.)
7. Got home and stretched
8. Used the last English muffin to make a breakfast sandwich.
9. Got dressed again (out of running clothes, into weed-eating clothes)( I recently was informed there is a difference)(Just. Kidding.)
10. Took a baby bunny away from our hunter-dog, and I mean baby!! So sad. It was still alive and only slightly wounded, but momma bunnies wont take a baby back with human scent on it.
11. Got picked up by Mr. Stephen to weed-eat...took slightly damaged bunny with, because his property is bunny heaven, and we decided his chances of survival might be better there.
12. Weed-ate (did I ever tell you gus how much I love weed-eating? And that wasn't sarcastic. I really like it! I think it gives me a sense of accomplishment or something) for 4 hours (total, not straight)
13. Got home
14. Ate a PB&H in beautiful sun
15. Showered ( I just know your day would be incomplete without these gripping details...)
16. Folded paper thingy's for Dad
17. Ate dinner
18. Got ready for church
19. Drove all the way to the gas station!

20. And on the way home I drove all the way from the FREEWAY!
21.Checked email (Allyson emailed me!)(And also Beth messaged me on Facebook)
22. Wrote blog post
23. Dug up old posts searching for the one including Mr Stephen
24. Had a laugh reading old posts (turns out I used to be funny!)
25. Decided to hit the sack (I have another run with Leah tommorow...this one's early.)
Goodnight, everyone. Savour the sunshine.
Be Thankful, Sarah

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