Tuesday, July 3, 2012

July Photo Challenge!

I am entering Lucia's photo challenge! The theme this month is emotion, and this is my entry:
This is my youngest sister, and she is the most animated person in our family. She expresses emotions very well, and very candidly. We love her!
If you want to link up you can do so at the link above, or look for the button on the sidebar that looks like this:

Be Thankful,


Anonymous said...

this is sooooo cute!
this is my face now, because Jeri is coming back from Norway today!!!
Happy 4th!

Sarah said...

Yay!! I'm excited for you! I need to call her soon....Happy 4th to you too!

Monica Renee' Sheely said...

Awe... that's such a good photo! :) the little girl has such an expressive face plus the daisies really add a lot to the picture! :)

Kiara said...

haha! oh i love it!! good luck in the contest!!

Kati said...

So sweet! You have a cute sister. (You have a pretty blog design!)

Anna Gray said...

What a beautiful little girl! Her face? Priceless. She is way adorable.

Very, very nice photo!

Ali said...

Such a cutie great entry.


~Miss Raquel said...

What a cutie!!

~Miss Raquel @ God's Daughter

Sarah said...

Thanks, guys! <3