Monday, August 20, 2012

Summer: Some assembly required

Warning: I do not guarantee that this list will be in chronological order. Actually, it'll mostly likely be backwards. But that's not a guarantee either.
Yep. My blog is full of risks...beware...

1. I made some progress on the welcome home poster.

After intruding cat:

Progress in the restoration project thus far:
The picture doesn't really do justice to how small the pieces of paper had been shredded. It took several hours to get this far, and this was the easy part, where I had colors and shapes to match instead of just blank paper. Needless to say, Kitty-kitty isn't allowed in my room anymore.

2. On the way home from Church camp in Idaho, we ate dinner at Taco Bell. I ordered....ok, to shorten up that little tale, while I was waiting in line for the bathroom,  I saw THIS: I think it's a skinny-people-only-door...I wonder if  it leads down a skinny hall a skinny room...
Basically it's discriminating against people who aren't that skinny! You don't even have to be fat to get stuck in that thing!
I would expect something like this from McDonalds or something...but Taco Bell? How could you?

In case you haven't figured it out yet, italics are where I say nonsensical things. It's kinda like my happy place....

3. On the way TO the Idaho camp, Delaney and I ...

She's gonna be famous someday...or at least widely known.
 ...had an abstract photo-shoot. She created the masterpieces, and I took pictures of them.

Did I mention her fanatastic socks?

See if you can spot a flip-flop  flying up there...
Told ya she'd be famous someday!
She's also quite tolerant....
...And robust:
I'm glad to know her.
More to come!

Be Thankful, Sarah

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