Monday, August 20, 2012

I had a fair week...

It's been over two weeks since I started my orthopedic adventure (got invisalign)!
Which means it's been over two weeks since I blogged.

This is getting to be a habit...
Well, I have been off doing blog-worthy things, and sleeping in between.

And taking a pitiful amount of pictures.
I blame this on the fact that my camera is not amazing. It's not very motivating. It has nothing to do with my mad skilz...

It comes down to this...minus the whole pike street market adventure, my entire summer file of pictures amounts to an unacceptable 131 items. This includes videos.

Hopefully I'll have them up and blogged about sometime before next year. For now,
This week is fair week.
It's also the one hot week for my corner of the country.
Like, we might actually hit triple digits, maybe!

The first day was warm enough to get rid of my farmers tan!
(Big news, I know)
Since I have ventured out of my little hick-ville county and been to Silverwood in Idaho ( a REAL roller-coaster park), the dinky little rides back in Hick-ville now lack a certain appeal.
Due to this lack of swoosh (there's only one ride that still makes me scream), I volunteered to be my little sister's leash. I accompanied her and made sure she didn't get abducted on her way to the Wacky Worm and other thrilling rides.
 Minus the creepy guys at the merry-go-round, it was hilarious to hang out with my youngest sibling. She wasn't scared of the big swings (she looked like she would slip right out of the seat).
This is from google but it's actually the exact ride she went on...she's five.
In fact she was enthusiastic about it! What cracked me up was that she was just as excited about going on the merry-go-round (much to my chagrin)!

" I have to get on the deer, but somebody always takes it!"

We bought dinner at the gyros stand like we always do, and it was delicious just like always. You guys know what those are, right?
It's kinda like a Greek taco...kinda.
I just want to clarify one thing. It is not pronounced 'j-EYE-roe'. You say y-EE-roe. And roll the 'r' if possible.
The owner of the sign actually changed the spelling on the sign so people would say it right.
Speaking of the owner...naturally, he's Greek.
 So is my Dad.
 If fact, they're from the same island of Cyprus. So my Dad always says hi, we buy gyros, and the guy gives us free lemonades.
Thursday night of  fair week, I was working at our church booth passing out tracts and what not with my Dad, my sister, and another teen from our church.
On the way out, Dad said hi to Daniel (that's the owner's name). He told my Dad that he needed someone to run the cash register, and did my dad know of anybody.

I didn't hear any of this ( I was too busy laughing at Connor). All I heard was "Oh, do you want my daughter Sarah?"
Short story even shorter, I was hired to work the cash register for two days in a gyros stand.
It wasn't my dream job, but the pay was quite substantial.

Darn, this was my second shot at trying to finish a post, and I STILL didn't make it! I'll have to finish later, but I think I'll just post what I have so far...
Don't go away! I have lots more to ramble about!
Be Thankful,
PS. Do you guys get the title?
PPS. Just so ya know, Mykah eventually did get to ride on the deer, and it was the thrill of her life. True story.

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