Friday, September 21, 2012

news worthy items.

1. The first time I did a list, we had the Russels over for dinner. Tonight I'm doing a list, and guess who's coming over! Ironic....
2. Our purebred golden retriever Sophie is going to have puppies!
And JUST in time for Christmas! She and the daddy (Shadow)

are AKC registered, so we're going to sell the puppies.
3. Next week I'll have my 8-week ortho appointment! I'll find out if I'll have my invisalign for a year or a year and a half.

4. I read Tim Tebow's book Through My Eyes.

 It's an encouraging read! He had an awesome testimony. And it's intersting if you can wade through the foot ball jargon...unless you KNOW football...then it's PERFECT! You should read it!
5. The way he worked so hard inspired me to try and get into better shape, and since I've already been running, I decided that would be a good foundation to build on.
We live on a hill.
A STEEP hill.
I made it a goal to be able to run up it in twenty minutes.
Sooooo I haven't actually been able to run up it yet,  so I decided to start on an equally steep, but slightly shorter road up the same hill. I can do that one. It has these nice little plateaus.
6. We are doing our front step with tile! Except it's gonna be slate.
I'm hoping it turns out like this??
We'll see!
7. I never put pics up from my day out with my college buddy! We had a little picinc, went down to a river, and then went to a frozen yogurt parlor (okay, it's basically icecream)and got coffee!
Here's the collage she put together with instagram with her fancy-shmancy iPhone!
Actually, this is NOT the collage, and she's not even putting it together here. Know what she's doing?
Do what she does....
HERE's her collage:
And here's mine! Although mine is from Picmonkey and not instagram.
Can't wait to do it again!
 But wait! There's more! I'm sure I'll post it some day....

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Chasity S. said...

Beautiful pictures and edits! =)