Monday, September 24, 2012

Warning...disclaimer ahead

The contents of this post will either make you laugh your head off or have a heart attack. I am not responsible for the medical costs of either. Proceed at your own risk.

Are you sure about this??

Ok....Here goes nothin'!

I started working as a helper in Master's Club at our church on Thursday nights. If you haven't heard of Master's Club before, it's a lot like Awanas, except better.

Once a month we have a  "Crazy _________ Night"
This month is crazy hair night.

Teachers (and helpers) are expected to participate.
Which I think is totally awesome, Imreallyexcitedaboutshowinguptochurchwithcrazyhair!!

I was experimenting with teasing my hair (i.e. making it all POOFy) and came up with multiple poofy, CRAZY do's.
I'm not sure which one to do!
So I'm putting up a poll/voting bar thingy and ya'll can tell me which one you think is the craziest.

Try really hard not to laugh your head off. Or have a heart attack.
But you can chuckle all you want.

Big-head Kid. (it's a Messy Monday  thing)

Ok, so that one's pretty much a FRO. A FRIGHTENING FRO.
And that's nothing...scroll down....

NUMERO SECONDO (Yeah, I know it's supposed to be duos.)
I call this one Half-and-half.

Are you still breathing? Shall I continue?


noom-AIR-o TRES:
Bozo the Clown:

I actually hurt myself laughing at this picture...

AND at the last minute I came up with:

Number 4:
Pomeranian tail-
Not as frightening, I know, but I thought maybe if I added some of that colored hairspray stuff?

Well, there you are. Don't ever expect me to be this degrading of myself in real life....
Tell me which one you think is the craziest by Thursday the 27th!!

Be Thankful, Sarah
Ps. Ok, really, you can stop laughing now. Please.


Mrs. G said...

MY GUT HURTS!!!!!!!!
I'm so glad I wasn't drinking anything at the time!
OH MY, am aI going to have to up my game!!!!!
By the way, who ever has the craziest hair has to teach! LOL!
Fro of Bozo! Those are my vote!

Chasity S. said...

Hahahahahahaha!!! *Gasps for air* I laughed my head off AND had a heart attack! Sarah you are one extremely hilarious person!! The post was funny in itself and then the pictures, oh my, the pictures of your hair! I could hardly control my laughter! The big-head kid fro is my favorite but they're all pretty great! =D