Monday, August 26, 2013

The ol' Switcheroo

I got a tension headache today.
Actually I got it yesterday, but I took some drugs and they wore off today.
And I think I gave it to myself by being stressed out.
Because tonight it felt better as soon as I got home.
And it started yesterday afternoon when I was worrying about this birthday party I was going to. Basically, I was going because Taylor was going and Taylor was going because Stephanie and Mary were going and they were going because their boyfriends were going. I think their boyfriends are actually friends with the guy who was having a birthday.
They were going to a bowling alley, and I’m a horrible bowler and I hate feeling stupid in front of people I don’t know.
People I DO know, and am already comfortable with, that’s another story. Not sure why…
So anyway, I was nervous about that when the headache came on. And I knew it would be a late night and I knew it would be miserable to be feeling stupid because I’m a bad bowler, awkward because I don’t know anyone, and tired because of a headache.
So I took some Advil and was tired without a headache.

Then by the middle of Sunday School the next day it was back.
By the end of Main Service I was kind of nauseous from the pain.
Lunch helped.
Indian buffet always does.
Came home and caught a little nap, which calmed things down a little as well.
By the end of Evening Service, I was thinking about asking Taylor to drive on the way home, because it had crept up behind my eyes and was trying to squeeze the pupils out.
I sound like a whiny baby, don’t I?
I am. Your assumption was correct.
But as soon as we got home and Taylor and I started joking about something and I had a cup of her tea, I relaxed and felt way better.
Which makes me wonder.
Did I get that headache because I was stressed out about being around all those people??

I guess because I’m still trying to establish a good impression of me on people.
 (That may or may not have been grammatically correct. Nazi’s, feel free to critique.)
But, hold on.
I thought I didn’t care what people thought (besides a select group of people who’s opinions I value.
I thought I was going to just be myself and if they liked it, great, if not, oh well.

What happened to that plan?
Not sure, but I can’t function with headaches like this all the time once school starts and I have a job, so I need to come up with a new plan.

Which reminds me, I registered today! And got my schedule for the semester.
I’m taking Greek 1,  OT/NT Survey, Church History 1, Life of Christ, Theology 1, Visitation 1, John, Thessalonians- Titus, Daniel, and Revelation.
Yeah, so I don’t have time for tension headaches. I guess I need to just quit trying to perform and and relax.
That didn’t use to be something I had to work at.
Funny how those thing switch around.

 Well, at least, I have a buddy to be un-social with...
Be Thankful, Sarah

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