Tuesday, August 13, 2013

If anyone asks...

Sometimes people ask me how my day was, and I don't have anything particularly uplifting to tell them. Well, if they ask today, I'll be ready for them...


My roommate Mary spent almost her entire day off with me, doing stuff for me!

After we ate breakfast this morning, she followed me to an auto body place where I dropped my car off (don't ask questions, I don't want to talk about it).
Then she took me to a place where I needed to drop off an application. Oh, and it allofasudden started POURING. Like, we ran about 20 feet really fast and got soaked!!
I hear Washington and Florida get the same amount of rainfall, Florida just gets in short spurts and Washington gets it all year round in a slow drizzle.
I believe it.
The only other difference is that Florida's rain is warm!
I love warm rain! Sooo fun...
 So then she took me to Walmart so I could stock my part of the pantry. It was still pouring buckets, and we had to run a LITTLE farther than 20 feet.
Like, 200 yards.
Want to know what my first grocery list was???
I thought so...too bad! I wanna share it, and it's MY blog!!
(Now you're thinking, "When did they start letting spoiled, bratty two-year-old have blogs?" My answer to your question is "A long time ago. Get with the times.")

Beach Towel
Cream of wheat
Dryer sheets that smell like the ones my mom uses
Peanut butter
Tuna fish

You know you could have just scrolled past all that, right? You didn't have to actually READ it all. What did you say? I can't hear you. This is blog, not a telephone, silly.

Anyway, after Walmart, we dropped the groceries off, got in some jogging clothes and went and ran on the beach for a while! (came up with a mini sermon while I was at it... Oh yeah! Multi-tasking)
THAT was lovely.
The running part too, not just my roommate.
Sorry, she has a boyfriend.

Then we came home, and I made dinner with her chicken and my potatoes. And it wasnt quite as good as when momma makes it, but she hadn't tasted mom's, so, she didn't know what she was missing, and really liked it. So that was fun!
Then I melted some chocolate and peanut-butter together and stuck it in the freezer to eat while we watched a Disney movie to take her mind off the fact that her boyfriend is leaving for a while and she's really gonna miss him. But we couldnt find Aladdin or Anastatia or Enchanted (oh dear, now you know about my sketchy movie standards) on youtube or her boyfriends netflix account, so we decided to wait for another roommate to get back so we can look on HER netflix account, and she went to the gym while she was waiting, and they all three (yep, there's another one) just got back, so, I'm done now!

So, if anyone asks you how my day went, you can now give them an informed answer.
You're welcome.

Be Thankful, Sarah


Anonymous said...

Sarah, try megashare, you will find all the movies you could possibly want to veg out in front of :)

Sarah said...

Sweet!! Thank you :) Mary will be thrilled. I use the site a time or two myself ;)