Friday, March 14, 2014

How long has it been??

Ohhh how I miss this...
I guess I should let y'all know I am still alive and breathing... mostly.
I have a day off today!
My favorite Texan got her wisdom teeth out today and I took the day off to see what she was like on drugs.
And to help take care of her... she's still a little loopy.
But now she's just napping.

...I love that girl...

So yeah! I have the WHOLE day off and no school tonight!
I do have 4 tests and a huge reading assignment I could be working on, but hey, I just found something better to do!

Ok. Last time I posted I think I was working for a rich-ish lady cleaning her house and I told you about making a spinach smoothie I made with the blender she gave me and then being commanded to eat a whole bunch more spinach at her house.

Since then, I have gotten a real job.
Don't hold your breath or anything, it's just at McDonalds.
BUT, my general manager is my Uncle, and he watches out for me and gives me whatever hours I ask for and days off with shorter notice than anyone else, and started me off at more than minimum wage.
So I'm thankful.
I dont particularly like the actual work, but it could certainly be worse.
 The Lord is helping me learn to be very humble and take instruction and not-so-constructive-critisizm.
But I have regulars who come in everyday and order the same thing and if I see them coming and I'm not in the middle of something I can ring it up and have it ready for them by the time they get to the front counter, and they like that. Makes them feel special or something.
So that's nice. My customers like me :)
Dont get me wrong, I have grumpy customers too. I take those as challenge and try to be so cheesy and cheerful they can't help but cheer up or at least chuckle at me.
Fortunately, none of them are regulars.
There was this one guy who FLIPPED OUT because I told him I couldnt put mustard on his sausage biscuit, I would have to give him a mustard packet on the side (none of the lunchtime sauces are out back on grill during breakfast).
He stormed out of there so fast I didn't even get a chance to say, Would you like me to open the mustard packet and put it on for you?
If you dont take volcano explosions personal, they're mostly just entertaining!
I'm not going to talk about some of my underling managers, because they genuinely tick me off, and I'm still learning to suck it up and deal with them
*rolling eyes*

So yeah.
My life is a little hectic right now.
My room is always TRASHED during the week.
And it bothers me.
Which is odd, because it never did before. Ask my poor mother, I was not at all disturbed by the disaster area look in my cave.

Basically, I work from 7 to 3, and I have from 3:15 to 5:45 to shower, eat, get ready for class (which, since we wear skirts, needs hair and makeup most of the time), and last minute cramming for whatever test(s) I mostly likely have that night. Then class from 6 to 10, and home to eat because "much study is a weariness to the flesh" and you really work up an appetite sitting at those desks.
between that and doing the next night's tests, I rarely get to bed before 11.
Then back up at 6 in order to be at work at 7 again. All week except sundays and friday's when I go to house clean.
You'll notice there is no room for casual conversation, let alone room-cleaning in that schedule.

I usually straighten up and catch up a little on the weekends (i.e. Saturday afternoon), but mostly I nap.
So this extra day off is AWESOME!
It also happens to be St Patrick's day, I believe, because my Uncle and his wife invited me over for corned beef and cabbage tonight! And I can't think of any other reason to eat cabbage...
It IS March right now, right?

Be Thankful, Sarah

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*Reading Between the Lines* said...

Sarah was nice to read this blog post.Thanks for doing it. :)
I haven't post on my blog for a year,so maybe I should get motivated!
I guess I get to meet you in August when you are in Missoula for Kirk & Jeri's wedding. I am so blessed to have her join our family.:)