Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Adam!

What comes before Christmas Eve? Duh! Christmas Adam :) I did not come up with that, by the way, as much as I would like to take credit from it. And I doubt Rebekah was the first one to come up with it either, but she introduced it to our household. I like it. 
Okay. Now I can put up the tree pictures!
I really wish I could get a close up so you can see all the cute ornaments and such, but, that's as close as the web cam gets. HOWEVER. For reasons I shall not mention, Momma had to get a new cell phone. And it has a cord to load pictures from it onto the computer! And this is the phone I will probably be taking to school when I go back......... . (Sarah's evil chuckle)
I also have a picture(ish)of my finished skirt and matching earrings! Here's the skirt:
Aaaaand the earrings:
And there you have it!  Also, I went to a "sleep"-over the other night and slept from about 5:30 to 7:45 :D It was a blaaaaast. Joanna has some great sleep-overs! There was supposedly a video taken on the sly during crazy girl moments meant to mortify us when posted on YouTube. But I'm gonna see if the prankster will tell me what the posted name will be so I can put it on here! And now  I shall retreat to the inner sanctum (aka :my bedroom). But to sleep? I trow not! After all, it's Christmas Adam.
Be thankful,


Uncle Matt said...

You are just too funny, I have enjoyed reading all of your posts. I am glad to have a little glimpse of "Sarah" and the incredible woman she is growing up to be. Sure wish I could be around more to see you grow up. Love you!

Sarah said...

I miss you Uncle Matt!! Thanks for readin' my blog.:D Love you too!<3