Tuesday, December 13, 2011

In today's adventures:

I blow-dried my hair before I took a shower, and the house smells like Listerine.

One of my dear lil' sisters has head lice. I'm not mentioning names, because she's very embarrassed, but you should know that lice like clean healthy hair best. I have no problems with lice. My hair is greasy. I guess you didn't really need to know that. Oh well, now you know.
Anyway .
Apparently Listerine mouth-wash kill lice-which totally makes sense to me! But what a painful way to go.
So if you ever want the step-by-step procedure for getting lice out of your hair, contact my mother. she has the list of rinses in order and she has tested it.
As for my excuses for not posting when I said I was, I was putting on a baby shower.
Ok, I was helping my MOM put on a baby shower. My Aunt is having another boy, and if the first one is any indicator, he's gonna be a cutie!

I would show you pictures, but I was too busy to take any. I think there are some on facebook, maybe I'll try to steal some later. Our theme was vintage/Little Golden Books. We made pennants out of little golden books, we made pinwheels out of the books, we made garland out of blue, yellow and white paper circles, we decorated with cute old toy and books and yellow ribbon with white dots, and I painted two pictures. There ya go. That's why I didn't post.

( I painted that dragonfly)
(and I make that garland)
(and I made those pennants)

(I painted that tugboat picture that you cant really see)

( I made those pennants too)

This is my lovely Aunt Amy. The one in the rocking chair, not the one standing up. And she's a missionary to Papua New Guinea if you wanna send her some money :D
Which you should. She really needs it. She has a starving husband:

See how being a missionary in a tropical climate is wearing on him?
Just kidding, he doesn't live on that gorgeous island. He lives in a steamy jungle village and this was the first vacation he'd had in...how long? I don't even know. At least two years. Probably more. And he took me with so it was TIME. That was a once in a life time thing...amazing.

Now....how did I get from head lice to New Guinea island paradise?

Be thankful,
P.S. Tomorrow is the one year anniversary for the Doodle Pad! :)

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