Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Comment with suggestions!
This potty training thing is HARD!

Shh!! Someone's coming! OR: I will take NO MORE you trying to be Justin Beiber!OR: Don't tell on me!                                                                        
So this is life, huh? OR: Those camera batteries HAVE to run out SOME time....Or: Mom, can I have my clothes back now?
(This is a hilarious picture but I dont know that it needs a caption!)
Be thankful,


Anonymous said...

Hahaha! that's funny :)
i am soooooo excited for the youth rally how about you?!

Sarah said...

YES! Very excited! Especially since we're hosting it at my church and we'll probably get to have you girls stay the night at my house and it's gonna be great preachin and just AWESOME in general!!

Sierra said...

Hahahaha. I just saw that you were doing some caption stuff as I had been.(from KayleeBeth's blog) I actually have that same bird picture :)
For the baby mine would be... "I cannot believe I have this many wrinkles!"
And for the last one, "Oh my goodness it's ______ (insert a famous soccer players name)!!!!!!!!!!"
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!

Sarah said...

Oh! That's a good one! I really wanted that pic to have a caption, but I couldn't think of a good one. Thanks!

DJ Wilson said...

Oh gosh, that last one is HILARIOUS! It's going on my one of my Pinterest boards for sure.

I just found your blog so I'm not sure, but you should do a bunch more of these! This was an entertaining but short post.


Anonymous said...

@ Sarah - OK sad news . . . we might not be coming :( If we want to go we have to have ALL the verse memorized in one month . . . PLEASE tell me that there isn't a million verses to memorize!!!!
BTW what is the theme/subject?

Sarah said...

WHAT!?! No. YOu have no choice. You ARE coming. I dont know what the theme is dad has to have a meeting and then I think All the youth group leaders will know. I'll let ya know as soon as I know something!

Anonymous said...

Sarah. . . . If we don't come I will cry until I cant cry no more (that wuz me using my black lady voice, no I ain't being raceist, I just know I wuz born 2 be black)

Sarah said...

lol! Or you could just COME AT ALL COSTS.