Friday, February 3, 2012

Butterfingers: the kind that don't come in a wrapper

I had a laugh yesterday:

I was eating lunch in the cafeteria at school. I was eating this bean stuff Mom makes (Not sure if it technically has a name) with spicy summer sausage and some other delightful seasonings (think Cajun) on rice with some sour cream.
And I was reading my literature book for my next class. It's important to note that I was sitting with the book propped up in front of me on the table, and the bowl of food in my lap, kinda balanced on my knees. I figured this was the best way to keep my book clean, since I have to give it back to the college at the end of the quarter. Plus, books tend to do better withOUT food between the pages.
Anyway, the reason my positioning is important is because I dropped my food.
On the floor.
It bounced and landed face up, but I still lost half of what was left in my bowl.

This is NOT the part where I had a laugh.

If I had been at home, I totally would have scooped it back in my bowl and eaten it. Alas, I was not at home.
Well, I thought, I dont think any one saw me...I'll  just finish what's left in my bowl and then nonchalantly scoop up the stuff on the floor back in so I dont leave as big a mess.
And I did. I pretended nothing out of the ordinary had just happened, and that I waste my Mom's cooking all the time. And while I was pretending, a guy walked in and sat at a table facing me.

Ok, I dont claim to be an expert in this field or anything, but I'm pretty sure he was checking me out. He was "studying" some flash cards...
Well, I finished what was left of my lunch and got up to get a bunch of napkins, then came back, got on my knees, and started scooping my mess back in my bowl, and tried to act like I scoop food off the floor everyday. Like I was the janitor's assistant.
Then I put my stuff away and got ready to leave. As I put my coat on I looked over at the next table.

He wasn't checking me out any more.

Be thankful (for accidents)(and that wasn't in a sarcastic voice),


DJ Wilson said...

Well there's nothing to be embarrassed about. Sounds like you composed yourself perfectly!

Excellent post!

Anonymous said...

Hebe that sounds like something I would do, the spilling of the food and reading while eating. . . .

Sarah said...

@ Dj, nope, not embarressed, that was the perfect time to spill something!
@ Kaylee: well I've spilled stuff before, but usually NOT my Mom's cooking! DONT wanna waste that stuff! But, hey, it worked out! :)

Sierra said...

Oh poor you! I would have died! I am not exactly the...erm graceful and best at handling embarrassing situations. But at least on the bright side you didn't get your book dirty! *thumbs up* Oh yeah and my thing with food is the cheese on a pizza or a pickle in hamburger. You have to eat the whole thing and have it hanging for a sec.... yucko. Have a great day! Sierra
Keep Growing Beautiful♥ (Cause You Are!)