Thursday, April 5, 2012

I got to talk to a college friend yesterday, and she told me something that made me LAUGH.
It was kind of a you-had-to-be-there thing.
But we'll give it a shot anyway.

Brook (that's what I'll call her in this post) took a class last quarter with a teacher she really didn't like. And it seems (from what she told me previous to this) that the teacher didn't like the class all that much either.
Brook had to take another class this quarter (shocking, I know) and happened to get it with that same teacher. The other day she walked in and went to the front to turn something in. As she did, the teacher goes, " I didn't expect to see you again. Most people don't take me twice."
Again, you kinda had to be there last quarter, and you had to hear Brook's voice she used to tell me what the teacher said, but that made me laugh. Isn't that horrible???
Yeah, it was a shocked kind of laugh.
Thanks, Brook. I like laughs of many varieties.

And now that I got that out of the way...
 I can't believe the first week is half over already! That went pretty quick!
Now, the weekend is looming, and week number two threatens to preside.
Week two will be a little different from week one.
Not only because we will be learning different material this this week (CRAZY, the stuff they do in college!), but also because Mom will be going on a trip.
A road trip with her sister (thought I'd clear that up).
Which means yours truly will be in charge of getting five beautiful girls ready for Easter Sunday.
And making dinner (which will be fun).
And making sure laundry gets done and the house stays functional (which might not be so thrilling).
I have accomplished all this and more before, BUT, not while school.
This is why I wish week one could be more or less like week two.
And who knows! It might be!
Or it might not be.
It might be kinda strenuous.
 Title this picture "Nervous Anticipation", and see what I look like right now.
Except, trade the goggles in for a pack back.
But not the swim cap...I could go for that look...

Be Thankful, Sarah

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