Tuesday, April 3, 2012

One more tiiiime

That title reminds me of a favorite song:

Not the best quality, but nobody sings it like Mark Rogers.

Now, where was I going with that....?

Yesterday was my LAST first day of school. Like, the first day of classes, for the last time.
I believe I already described what my new classes consisted of here, if you want a refresher. 

I know I just said yesterday was the first day, but TODAY was really the first day. The FIRST first day is usually just taking attendance and passing out the syllabus and trying to scare us by telling us all the assignments we'll be doing over the course at once. You can always pick out the new-bies, because this is when they'll be getting out their new notebooks and furiously scribbling down the due dates for everything.
 Of course, I never did that...nope.
Now, that's usually the case with first days, buts there's always an ambitious teacher or two who gets started right away and sends you off with homework on the first day.
I got one of those.
Fortunetly, it was the teacher for my music reading class which is BY FAR going to be the easiest class this quarter. Maybe the easiest I've ever taken. It's, like, REALLY basic music stuff. Our homework was to spend 15 minutes intentifying notes on the treble clef between middle E and the E an octave up. And the book she's gonna pull our piano assignments out of is the first grade Johnson's book. I just so happen to already own it, and I know how to play most of the songs .

Anyway, toDAY is when I start scoping out how each class is going to be.
Today started at 4:47 a.m. with a nah-sty headache and sore throat. By 7:30, nausea had kicked in, and it was a classic first day.
Actually, my first class doesn't start till 11, even though my ride leaves at 8:30, so I didn't really have to focus or anything till 10:30.
That's when I met Kari! I'm not usually out-going enough to introduce myself to a random stranger and start a conversation. But Kari is! Turns out, she's a Christian! Turns out, she went on a couple missions trips, and now she's studying to be a nurse, so she can use her skills on the mission field.
Thanks, Lord, for that ray of sunshine in my day!
Did you guys know that when you type a post on blogger, it doesn't automatically capitalize the first word of a sentence for you, like microsoft word? Do you realize this means I have to push shift at the beginning of every sentence?? Somebody needs to UPDATE THIS PUPPY.
Lazy? Me?? What makes you say that?!
Anyway, after school Dad took us all out to the Bistro for lunch. The South Pacific Bistro is a local joint where we get the best authentic Chinese food. And Thai, and Taiwan, and all those other South Pacific places. If you've decided you don't like Chinese food, it's probably because you've never eaten here. Six out of seven people L<3ve the Bistro (Leah is the only one in our family who doesn't like it).
That was ray-of-sunshine-for-the-day #2.

Oh yeah, classes...I was gonna tell you about classes.
Alright, brace yourself.

1st class: Natural Hazards and Disasters. I don't think it'll be too hard, time will need to be invested...the teacher seems decent. Not boring to listen to. He gets sidetracked on the little bunny trails, and then has to remind himself where he was going with it all.
Remind you of anyone?

2nd class: U.S. History. Definetly going to be the hardest class this quarter. The teacher is a good lecturer, but the grades are all based off of three tests and a term paper. And you study off your notes. Ehck. I dont like high stakes testing....
3rd class: music reading. I already covered that.
4th class: Applied drama. You still know just as much as I do. Ideally, my knowledge will exceed yours tomorrow, when I go into the shop.

Ray-of-sunshine #3: (commercial ahead)

I saw my friend Abigail, and she gave me this bag I bought from her:
'Cept mine doesn't say 'Lydia' on it. She must have forgotten that part....
She and her friend have a whole SHOP where they sell cute stuff made out of duct tape! Here's their facebook page. Check it out!

 They also make all these:

By the way, see those two big pieces with the checkerboard? Those are caps. You roll up the "board" with the pieces inside, and put a cap on each end for easy storage. Like this:

Be Thankful,

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