Friday, August 9, 2013

Free-write part 2: Semi-serious

Wow, are you still reading this??
You just took dedication to a new level. Of course, you already did that if you continued to follow this blog after I didn’t  even explain my 9-ish month absence.
Well, I’ve got time now, I could at least give you an update on what’s happened in my life since then to lead my to where I am now.
Lets see.
 The last I posted about ( I think ) was our dog having puppies. 
Oh my word, that was fun! 
And a lot of work. 
Did I tell yall she had 10? 
Yep, first litter and she pumped 10 of those little fluff-balls out. None died, and all were healthy, except, one, little William, who got something called puppy strangles. However, he made a full recovery, and is now probably one of the most spoiled and pampered of all our dogs. That is, he went to one of the nicest homes. No, we did not keep any. They all went to at least decent homes, but William and Alex get the most pampering. Alex was bought by this artist lady and her husband, and they have a NICE house. It’s an older couple, and you know how they are with their pets. They treat them like grandkids. Which is great! Anyway, we bred Sophie (the mom) again recently, but for some reason she didn’t get pregnant. We’re not sure why…
Shadow, the dad, might be getting to old to be a dad. There are other possibilities.
But back to the recap.
In February, I took a trip to Florida for a big preaching meeting they have twice a year. 
This was at the same church that started the Bible Institute I am now headed for, and the trip that resulted in my becoming more interested in and seriously considering the school.
But instead of going straight to Florida, I decided to stop in Virginia and visit my grandparents. Only I didn’t tell them I was coming (evil chuckle). I had a family friend pick me up from the airport (stayed with them for a day and a half, cuz I love them too, so that was fun) and then they took me to meet my Aunt, who took me to their house, and it just so happened to be the day the family was getting together to celebrate my grandma’s birthday (unplanned, but fortunate coincidence)! We got a video of her reaction. Totally worth it.
Anyway. Spent some time with them, and then popped down the coast in time for the preaching meeting to start. Thoroughly enjoyed that, hung out with some more relatives, sat in on some classes, met some neat people, got excited about the school, went home, prayed, talked to parents, prayed more, decided to go, found out I had roommates waiting for me!
Then came the waiting. Only about 5months, but it was slow.
I was hired to work on this dairy farm five minutes from my house, helping this lady make cheese so she could have more time to sell it. It’s a very interesting cheese. It’s a swiss recipe, but tastes nothing like the swiss you get at the grocery store. If it doesn’t age the right amount of time, it tastes too strong for most people’s palates. But if its made right, you’ll have to search a little while to find someone who doesn’t like it.
So I learned how to make it.
It was interesting for the first week, and then it got old fast.
Part of the reason for this was that I got up at 4 a.m. in order to be there and fully functioning by 5. This is when the milk is fresh, so this is when you make the cheese.
One word. UGH.
I don’t care how much of a morning person you are, you CAN’T be chipper at 4, because it’s NOT MORNING.
You either become totally dependent on caffeine, or you go to bed at 7. Which kinda kills the social life.
Another reason that job got boring fast was because of the complete LACK of intellectual stimulation.
Let me give you a brief description of a day at work.
Once you get there and don your fancy duds (plasctic apron, stylish hairnet), you get a big rubber hose going from the main line the milk is coming through, to a big vat in the cheesemaking room. Once your vat is full, you put flavor and culture in the milk, give it a stir, and let it just sit for 55 minutes. Then, you put rennet in, stir in the cream that has risen to the top, and let her sit another hour and 10 minutes.

Are you excited yet?

This is where it gets complicated.
Now, you cut the curd that has formed with something called a cheese harp and (are you ready?) stir. Stir for and hour and 40 minutes, at a consistent pace. Slow enough so you don’t get worn out in 20 minutes and fast enough to keep the curd from lumping together. Then you separate the curd from the whey, put the curd in molds with weight on top, clean up the mess you made, and you’re done. The whole process takes about 5 ½ hours.
One fun part was learning Spanish from the guy who milked the cows.
A not-so-fun part was learning just how nice is too nice. Apparently in the Hispanic culture, age difference between a guy and a girl doesn’t matter.
But, now that’s all done; I saved my money, got a car, and I’m out of there.

(4 hours down the road)
Oh my WORD its hot!! We’re not even on FL yet, and Im dyin! Soooooo glad my car has AC. Its an OVEN! I have Mediterranean blood in me, why is it not kicking in? I’m supposed to be born for this weather, but  I’m craving a chilly Washington day right now.
I must be cold-blooded.
We are outside of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and it’s 93 degrees. I am not looking forward to what Florida is like in August.
One word. UGH.

And that brings you up to date on my free-write. Soon I'll let y'all know how it's going now that I'm here in Florida.
Be Thankful, Sarah

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Sunny Jane said...

Haha! I get up at 4:30 AM every morning for work, and go to bed at 8 or 9. I can relate. 4:30 is dumb.