Saturday, August 3, 2013

freewrite ramblings part 1

 I haven’t done a free write in a while…. Long road trips are boring.  And boredom has always been a major source of inspiration for me. Not necessarily as a writer, but just in general. I don’t totally mind being bored and just sitting and daydreaming to a certain degree, but this is day number three of being on the road, and our 2nd twelve-hour day.
That is PLENTY of time in la-la land.
So now I’m just going to ramble for a bit.
Im not sure how interesting this post will be for anyone who bothers to read it, but I’m feeling chatty.

An hour or so ago we were smack in the middle of Kansas. 
Not much has changed since Dorothy and Aunty Em. They’ve upgraded to HD color, we are no longer in sepia, which is nice. 
Sepia is nice for variety every once in a while, but it gets old FAST. 
Especially with all the instagram filters you see everywhere. 
So I’m glad some one finally got on that. Also, I’m not sure whether they had this much corn before. I think someone has the monopoly on corn here, and we have been driving through the entire nation’s corn source. I wouldn’t be surprised. That is entirely too much corn for one state. We haven’t seen a TON of the populace here, but enough to know they aren’t ALL heavily overweight, which is what I would expect if the state WAS consuming all this corn, due to it’s high starch content.
The only thing that stops me from accepting Kansas as the nations single corn source is the vague association of Iowa with corn, somewhere in my brain. We wont be going through Iowa, so I can’t test this theory. I suppose it will remain a mystery forever. Or at least until I get internet service, which is basically the same amount of time.
Our next destination is in Oklahoma, where we will be staying with my Aunt’s husband’s mom’s place. So far we have not had to spend any money on a hotel, which is perfectly fine with me. We started in western Washington and are ultimately headed for the western corner of Florida. 
Our first day’s driving landed us in Meridian, Idaho, where we stayed at the mission’s house of a church there. Next, a 15 hour drive to Aurora, Colorado, where we stayed with my Aunt and her family for two nights. It was nice to give my backend a break from sitting in the car and sit on the couch instead.
 World of difference. 
I thought for a little while that they should make cars with couch seats, but then realized this would probably result in more car accidents due to drowsiness. Turns out being uncomfortable can promote safety, if it helps you stay awake. 
Same thing with screechy violin music.

Wow, are you still reading this??
You just took dedication to a new level. Of course, you already did that if you continued to follow this blog after I didn’t  even explain my 9-ish month absence.

 And that's where we'll stop for now. There's more, but it makes more sense than this gibberish, and it's in a different category than this type.  I dont want to confuse you more than I already did. So stay tuned...

Be Thankful, Sarah

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